Early Press Go Bonkers for Transformers: Dark of the Moon Footage

A handful of online press got a sneak peek at Paramount's Transformers: Dark of the Moon the other day, complete with face time with Michael Bay himself. Alas, Movieline was not in attendance, so we'll have to take these other folks' word for it and assume Transformers 3 could be the balls-out, insane, eyeball-searing giant robot war movie to end all giant robot war movies! Right, guys?!

Well sure, it looks that way now, months away from actual full-length film screenings when all there is to go on are edit suite footage presentations and Michael Bay's dulcet voice telling us Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be epicly epic. So without further ado, bring on the quotables quiz -- in which you, dear reader, weed actual press reactions from fake ones, a la Movieline's patented Gwyneth Paltrow test.

1. "This time out, Bay is making a full-blown alien invasion movie that just happens to use Autobots and Decepticons, and the result looks like the craziest action movie ride this summer."

2. "Dare I say that the visuals outdo some of the more mind-perplexing stuff we saw in Inception."

3. "Takes the intrigue of the teaser trailer plus the intensity from the action-packed 30-second Super Bowl spot and adds enough mind-blowing, mesmerizing robotgasm goodness to leave even the most passive of fans slack-jawed."

4. "Craaaazy."

5. "[On Transformers 2] You don't make that much money on a movie, and it doesn't become number one in the American box office that year, if people hated the movie. You know what I'm saying?"

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  • Fitz says:

    /Film doesn't have too much credibility when it comes to Transformers and at least 3 of those sites listed above are geek-sites. No one questioned the visuals it's the terrible writing, borderline racism, and stupid comedy that was the downfall.

  • Edward Wilson says:

    I thought that 3D porno was from Hong Kong...

  • Shane says:

    Uh, I question the visuals. The action is nearly impossible to follow in the other ones, and they are two ugly movies from a visual perspective. Well, every perspective really. Michael Bay may shoot action worse than any major director, so it's an extra shame that his movies do so well.

  • Fitz says:

    I should have specified I meant the visual effects. But I'm in complete agreement with you otherwise.