Bring It On: The Musical Preview: It Has Been Broughten

Of all the movies to come out 11 years ago, who'd have expected Bring It On to churn out three sequels and now its own musical? Its staying power is sort of incredible. I mean, why not Love & Basketball at that rate, y'know what I mean? The cheerleading extravaganza will be touring the country in its new format, dazzling you with toe-touches, spirit fingers, and enough pairs of Spankies to intrigue most j.v. football teams. You may need sunglasses for the following video preview.

My favorite part is the AOL reviewer who said, "Nothing like you expected, but everything you'll love!" I'm expecting a movie about cheerleading and songs, so we'll see if that turns out for me. The power pop near the end of the clip is enough to rival any of the High School Musical films (including the one we love), and the sheer vigor seems poised to match the creators' other works Avenue Q, In the Heights, and Next to Normal. That's a hell of a pedigree.

Also: Who here is shocked to remember that the line "It's already been broughten" is from Not Another Teen Movie, not Bring It On? It's too good a line not to be in Bring It On!


  • Tommy Marx says:

    That's what I want to see from a touring musical - lots of flips and a ridiculous amount of autotune.