Will Ferrell Plays a Mexican Gunslinger and Lady Killer in Underwhelming Casa de mi Padre Trailer

If you haven't heard anything about Will Ferrell's Spanish language comedy Casa de mi Padre, there are a few reasons for that: Even with watchable stars like Ferrell, Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Nick Offerman, it does not appear to be funny -- at least judging by the following trailer, which was discreetly dropped into the blogosphere on Thursday. Second, it was filmed entirely in Spanish as a hyper-dramatized telenovela. Third, Will Ferrell reportedly only agreed to star in and produce the film as part of a closed-door settlement with its production company NALA Films.

OK, that third one may have been a joke -- when the film was announced last August, NALA (North America Latin America) producer Darlene Caamano released the following telling statement: "NALA can't comment regarding the circumstances surrounding why Will is attached to the project. We are just thrilled he is on board and are moving full steam ahead since we have one month to teach him Spanish " -- but otherwise, egad.

The trailer for Padre, which is still listed on IMDb as Untitled Spanish Comedy, promises "passion, adventure, intrigue, betrayal, sex, danger, cigarettes, special effects and slaps." Really, it does; all of those words flash on the screen in between brief sequences that capitalize on Mexican stereotypes -- like men in tight white suits and gold chains, gun fights, sultry brunettes with flowers in their hair -- and boast what might be an exclusive product placement deal with Cadillac.

There's a hidden plot, too: Ferrell plays Armando Alvarez, a dim-witted Mexican (who does not look or sound like he's Mexican) who threatens to beat his enemies with his hands. Armando encounters some trouble when his brother (Diego Luna) shows up on his father's ranch (where Armando has always lived) and offers to solve all of the ranch's problems. Armando, of course, falls in love with his brother's wife (Genesis Rodriguez), brotherly chaos ensues, and someone sets the General Lee on fire in the desert.

VERDICT: A "parody" of an over-dramatized telenovela without any good jokes is just an over-dramatized telenovela.

[via GordonandtheWhale.com]


  • milessilverberg says:

    So...it's a long-form SNL Digital Short parody of a fictional Coen Brothers production of an imaginary John Sayles script? Or is it just Ugly Betty for straight men?