Behind-the-Scenes Video of The Hobbit with Peter Jackson: Part 1 of 100

Not only is Peter Jackson taking on the intense, arduous task of bringing another epic fantasy novel to life, but he's still finding time to explain his technical decisions and also make ten-minute video diary entries for each step of the way. He's just posted the first video, but given that production just started shooting, is it safe to assume we'll see about a hundred of these before the movie finally hits?

Die-hard fans can get a first look at some of the material for the costumes, the sets (which are so far exact replicas of Lord of the Rings sets) and some fun fight choreography footage featuring helmets and sticks. Those with just a passing interest can marvel at how Peter Jackson is the only one on this set that seems comfortable with this making-of video. Seriously, every other crew member or actor seems to either laugh nervously then run off camera or just try their hardest to ignore Peter Jackson's narration. Hilarious.

[Via Peter Jackson]

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