Helicopters Are No Match for Primates in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

Now that they've finally decided on a title, 20th Century Fox has kicked the marketing machine for Rise of the Planet of the Apes into high gear, first with a whopping four-second look at the apes, then with a more in-depth look at the special effects entailed in bringing a bunch of rampaging monkeys to life. Now, here's the full trailer, which has a surprisingly tense and low-key feel to it... well, until that ape attacks the helicopter.

I've been mostly ignoring this movie up until now because I could never figure out why it existed. But this trailer is pretty slick! Sure, it's a well-worn setup in the vein of Island of Doctor Moreau, but with all the meandering pirate and robot plot lines we're going to deal with this summer, a tight, cautionary disaster narrative about the limits of scientific experimentation sounds kind of refreshing. And those apes look fantastic! If the one standing over the bed watching a family sleep doesn't give you a chill, just wait for the close up at the end of the trailer. It's much creepier in context.

James Franco doesn't seem to do much besides keep a straight face while playing an obsessed scientist, but when a movie has apes attacking helicopters, that's probably sufficient.

Verdict: Sold.

If the embed gets pulled, head over to Apple.


  • Roy says:

    "Some things aren't meant to be changed."
    Man oh man, am I sick of luddites in showbusiness. If they'd been making movies two hundred years ago they'd be telling cautionary tales about what would happen were mankind to implement widespread sanitation. The fear of progress? Where's it come from?

  • The Winchester says:

    Damn! That makes Burton's remake look like Congo!
    (Actually, Burton's remake made Burton's remake look like Congo, but still...)

  • Lewis says:

    Night of the Lepus 2: With Monkeys... no rabbits... just monkeys

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