Love, Wedding, Marriage Trailer: Check out Kellan Lutz and Mandy Moore's Convertibles!

With this rich-girl-summer-fun pop music on a loop in the background, it's tough to figure out whether Dermot Mulroney's directorial debut Love, Wedding, Marriage debut has even the minimum amount of charm, wit or heart required to justify ripping off Nancy Meyers so hard. Or is that even justifiable? Regardless, I can definitely confirm that this film adds another bullet point to Kellan Lutz's ever-growing shirtless-role resumé. But more importantly, check out this amazing convertible scene!

Seriously, this actor-title sequence approaches some sort of deadpan perfection. And it has to be at least a little bit intentional, right? If this sequence turns out to be the big meet-cute of the movie, then I suggest we all pay a little more attention to what Mulroney's up to here. Maybe he's actually doing for Meyers what Brian DePalma did for Alfred Hitchcock.

I recommend checking out the sequence in all its slow motion glory below, but in case you can't sit still through the preceding two minutes, I'll break it down.

1. Just another beautiful day in the countryside with a couple of people going for a Sunday drive in their shiny convertibles, right?


2. Whoa! One of the drivers is Mandy Moore! What could be in that other car that would spark a reaction like this?


3. Oh, that's what!


And now, I'm too busy wishing close-up master Carl Theodor Dreyer had lived long enough to film a movie with Lutz to really process the rest of this trailer.

Verdict: Melancholia still looks like the superior marriage movie. It's probably funnier too.