First Look at Josh Brolin On Set of Men In Black 3 Looks Oddly Familar

· As enterprising fans of the Men in Black III production know, Josh Brolin will star opposite Will Smith in the new film as the 1960s version of Agent K -- the man in black made famous by Tommy Lee Jones. Judging from this first look of Brolin and Smith yucking it up on the New York set (via Daily Mail) MIB 3 casting director Ellen Chenoweth should get a high-five for picking Brolin to play the younger Jones, if only because he looks more like a younger Jones than even a younger Jones. Take that, de-aged visual effect Jeff Bridges! Click ahead to see, then stick around for more Buzz Break.

[Click through to the The Daily Mail to see.]

· Joe Pesci has been cast in Gotti: Three Generations opposite John Travolta. Lindsay Lohan is still in talks to play Victoria Gotti. [Coming Soon]

· Katie Couric plans on either producing or narrating a new documentary about obesity. "Katie is being supportive of the project because she cares about the issue," said her representative in a statement. [Deadline]

· Gwyneth Paltrow is returning to Glee next week and will sing Adele. Hey, it's better than Cee-Lo. [EW]

· James McAvoy is set to star in Welcome to the Punch, a London-based thriller. [Deadline]

· Crazy Randy Quaid won't appear on the crazy Charlie Sheen tour. Too bad. [THR]