What in the Name of the The Actor's Studio Was James Lipton Doing Onstage with Charlie Sheen?

liptonsheen300.jpgIt's a question any fan should be asking of venerable actor, bon vivant, and Inside the Actor's Studio host James Lipton: "What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates and have to explain that one time you mounted the stage as part of Charlie Sheen's train wreck of a one-man show?" Because that's exactly what our favorite man of words and theater did Sunday night at Radio City Music Hall, where he and fellow special guest Darryl Strawberry (hey, why not?) helped Sheen earn a standing ovation. Video evidence after the jump.

Sadly, it seems Lipton was only on hand to set up a joke for his one-time Inside the Actors Studio guest, asking Sheen to name his favorite curse word. (The answer: "Either f*** or Denise." Of course.) Oh, for the days of serious penetrating conversation between these two, as when Sheen visited Lipton's domain back in Season 10 of ItAS to discuss such stimulating topics as... the writing on Two and a Half Men.

Hit the video below to see Lipton on the Violent Torpedo tour, then watch the Inside the Actors Studio clip and weep as he projects that great baritone laugh as Sheen talks about what's in his pants.

· James Lipton came up onstage with Charlie Sheen [Film Drunk]


  • Juliet Artaud (la fille d'Antonin tu sais..) says:

    Oh please MovieLine..what a condescendant and self-righteous paper.
    I am almost sorry for you.
    Charlie Sheen is a talented actor and this tour is an interesting experiment and explore/offer a fascinating perspective on fame, hollywood system and medias so get over yourself. Moreover the guy is really good at colorful, creative one-liners.
    Yeah Sheen stays just actor granted but has you already heard of Andy Kaufman or Charles Bukowski (i doubt it sadly for you), Charlie is not as talented as them but it is the same vibe. Bret Easton Ellis get it (and it seems Lipton too), you don't get it apparently..too bad for you.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Oh, je fu tu poo poo you.

  • The Winchester says:

    So, first Jerry Lewis, and now Charlie Sheen?

  • milessilverberg says:

    People who are in the same "vibe" as Charles Bukowski or Andy Kaufman, but don't have their talent, are drooling drunks and mental patients. Sadly, unlike Sheen these people don't get the chance to charge a hundred bucks a ticket to watch them drool and rant. James Lipton deserves all this scrutiny and more for getting involved in this tragic sideshow.

  • Juliet Artaud (la fille d'Antonin tu sais..) says:

    Because MILESSILVERBERG these 'drooling drunks and mental patients' (and anyway they are as better human-being as you if not better, it is not a crime to have alcohol addiction or mental illness but to be judgemental and to think you are superior than others IS !! lol) have not the talent of Charlie Sheen, you like it or not. James Lipton can do what he wants it is not a question of "deserving something or not" what a stupid statement..