Is Jessica Biel About To Get Her Ass To Mars?

When last we checked in on the Colin Farrell-led remake of Total Recall, Bryan Cranston had been cast as baddie Vilos Cohaagen (as in "Gif de peeple der ahhr, Cohaagen") and the movie would actually have precious little to do with Mars, centering instead on "Euromerica." Well, the worm has turned, Mars could be back in play and Jessica Biel may join the merry crew.

Biel is reportedly circling the film may soon join as either Lori (originally played by Sharon Stone) or as Melina (the "athletic, sleazy and demure" Rachel Ticotin). Biel originally read for Melina, but I think she'd make a better psycho ice queen wife than intergalactic madam.

And evidently the original plot of Quaid aiding the Mars rebels in a bid for independence is back on the table, at least according the synopsis that went out, which means they've jettisoned the Euromerica and New Shanghai nonsense. Frankly, this move makes more sense. Remaking Total Recall but not centering it around Mars is like remaking Blade Runner but setting it in 1948 Grover's Corners, New Hampshire.

But just so long as they include a scene like this in the remake, consider me cautiously sold.

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  • Tommy Marx says:

    I know you wait breathlessly for my opinion, Dixon, but this time I have to disappoint you. I think Jessica would kick ass as Melina. Angelina Jolie would be perfect as Lori, but that ain't happening, so I'd love to see Mila Kunis take the role. She would be utterly convincing as the loving but concerned wife, but she would be lethal once the mask came off.

  • The Winchester says:

    It'd be better if she got her ass to my apartment.

  • casting couch says:

    Whatcha been feeding that thing? Blondes?