VIDEO: Patty Duke Trades Oscar Talent For Spock Ears in Social Security PSA

So, it really has come to this. Back in 1963, Patty Duke won an Academy Award at the age of 16 for her work in The Miracle Worker. Now, she is shilling for while wearing Spock ears and an ill-fitting Trekkie costume. George Takei joins her for legitimacy. (Melissa Leo, you have seen your future.) I guess Mo'nique really was right when she eloquently said, "You can't eat an Oscar."

[via zap2it]


  • sosgemini says:

    Normally I would chuckle at something like this but knowing the physical and mental torture Mrs. Duke went through at the hands of her mangers as a child and the subsequent diagnosis of mental illness, sorry folks, I don't see how mocking Duke's career can be fodder for a website. The fact that she is still alive and can advocate for causes should be applauded. And unlike many other Oscar winners, :cough cough: Sandra Bullock :cough cough:, her win was actually based on performance and should never be belittled. Just saying...

  • sosgemini says:

    Stupid typo...

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