Do We Want Madonna for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard Remake?

madonna225.jpgOn Piers Morgan's unwatchable television show Thursday night, Andrew Lloyd Webber noted that he's been eying a certain superstar for the role of Norma Desmond in his remake of Sunset Boulevard. I'll be, it's Piers' least favorite person Madonna. Is this a stellar or stupid move?

I accidentally love this news, and I don't even like Evita. Madonna's movie career never took off for a few reasons (and plenty would argue that a lack of talent is partially responsible), but I believe Madonna's brass works best in a supporting role. Her performance in A League of Their Own is beyond competent; it's hilarious, real, and kind of heartbreaking. Norma Desmond is such a towering marquee role that normally I'd question Madonna's ability to conjure so much campy command, but in this case I think she's perfect.

Gloria Swanson, who scored an Oscar nomination for her performance in the 1950 classic (losing to the also-brilliant Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday), is so memorably extreme as the unstable has-been that hiring another thespian to reenact her work seems completely uninteresting. I don't want to see Glenn Close in this. I don't want Joan Allen or Patti LuPone or Bonnie Hunt or whatever. I want mythological panther goddess Madonna, who will bring the glaring melodrama and "Vogue" cred that I need in an arch Andrew Lloyd Webber romp. I would die to hear, "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Baptiste Mondino!"

What do you think? Like Rita Hayworth, will Madonna give good face?

· Madonna for 'Sunset Boulevard' Remake? [ContactMusic]


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