A Brief History of Gary Busey's Crazy Interviews

Last night, Gary Busey stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about this season of Celebrity Apprentice and to, well, act a bit nuts. Because this is Gary Busey and that's what he does. Yet to better understand the essence of the 1978 Academy Award nominee, you need look no further then his other past television appearances. As such, consider this brief history of Busey's more interesting interview antics.

Late Night with David Letterman (1990)

Busey dropped by Letterman's old NBC digs to discuss his role in Predator 2; somehow the conversation turned to goats penetrating hogs. I always love the shots of a dumbfounded Paul Shaffer in situations like this.

Politically Incorrect (1997)

Busey visited Bill Maher's show on a night when the topic was a Supreme Court decision mandating that a couple had to rent a room in their house to a lesbian. Busey found this an opportune time to make a little joke about lesbians and the Irish. From there, it just keeps going.

United Nations Children's Foundation After Party (2008)

Caught on the red carpet after a benefit for the United Nation's Children's Foundation, Busey first asked the very young interviewer to repeat her question four times before going into a tirade about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan being losers. Then, at the end, he denied the young interviewer a shout out, actually saying, "I don't give shout outs!" (Actually, can't blame him there.)

Oscar Red Carpet (2008)

Here it is, the pinnacle (nadir?) of Busey's personality: On the red carpet of the 2008 Academy Awards, Ryan Seacrest was trying to interview Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner when Busey approached out of nowhere -- declaring to Seacrest that he's been looking for him for some reason. Seacrest initially tries to play along, going so far as introducing Busey and Garner. Busey took the opportunity to kiss Garner's neck. The actress's displeasure was clear.

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