Neve Campbell's Scream Screen Test: The Sidney Prescott Origin Story!

Perhaps the most underrated (and most valuable) achievement in the Scream series is the pitch-perfect casting of its protagonist Sidney Prescott. Neve Campbell was one of the few '90s heroines to convey smarts, vulnerability, and a distinctly teenage hostility -- which, together, are the Sidney Prescott signature. In this clip from the Biography Channel's Inside Story, we watch Ms. Campbell read back some stage directions, fool around with a non-Skeet Ulrich character, and find out that she could've been replaced by Alicia Witt.

And while we're singing Neve Campbell's praises: The woman still looks pretty damn magnificent some 14 years later.

Catch Inside Story: 'Scream' tonight at 8 p.m. on Biography.

[via PopWrap]


  • sh says:

    She really is looking good now-a-days. Her hair looks far and away better than it did in the 90's. I've always enjoyed her, I liked that itty robert altman movie she did.

  • casting couch says:

    That "non-Skeet Ulrich character" looks like Lois & Clark's Justin Whalin.
    And Neve still looks great.

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