Maybe The Hangover Part II Will Have Some Surprises After All

The most shocking thing about the recently released trailer for The Hangover Part II -- beyond the fact that the MPAA allowed a monkey to pantomime fellatio in a green band trailer -- was that it stuck so close to the original film's set-up. Will the sequel to your favorite R-rated comedy from the last two years be a stale retread of worn out jokes, or was the trailer holding things back? Director Todd Phillips has an answer.

"[T]he truth is, we're constrained by the fact that we're R-rated, so you can't give -- even the trailer you just saw, that's a PG-13 trailer, so by the nature of the movie, we're holding so much stuff back just because you can't show it," Phillips told Coming Soon. "So believe me, you won't believe the R-rated surprises that exist in The Hangover that you won't see touched on in commercials or trailers, really."

That sound you heard was everyone breathing a sigh of relief. Unless this is just some clever marketing ruse. In either case, expect to see a red-band trailer for The Hangover Part II sometime before its release on Memorial Day weekend.

· CinemaCon Exclusive: Todd Phillips Talks 'The Hangover Part II' [Coming Soon]


  • metroville says:

    You know what would be the biggest surprise in any Todd Phillips movie?
    A female character with a dimension-count exceeding '0.75'.

  • Biff Bronson says:

    The issue isn't whether there's going to be dirty jokes and cock shots in the movie, the issue it it looks like the exact same movie, with the exact same jokes and cocks. That and comedy sequels are never, never, never good. My friends and I talked about it recently, and the only comedy sequel to improve on the original that we could come up with was the second Austin Powers, and the four of us couldn't even agree on if that was true or not.

  • KevyB says:

    This article relies on some nebulous fact that the first Hangover held any surprises, which it most certainly didn't. Come on, someone woke up to find out he married a hooker!