5 Directors Who Would Do a Better Job with Barack Obama's Campaign Ads

To no one's surprise, president Barack Obama formally announced that he will be running for re-election in 2012, complete with a new campaign video. Only, as John Stewart already pointed out, that new video could use some improvement. But fortunately, it's still early! And who better to win over an entertainment-hungry nation than tested Hollywood directors? We've got five great candidates for the job after the jump!

[As always, feel free to vote or nominate your own selections in the comments]

1. James Cameron

Forget Michael Moore or Oliver Stone, Obama's team should go all the way and hire the most successful and populist, left-wing filmmaker currently working. Based on box office numbers, even people who hated the anti-corporation, pro-environment message of Avatar probably saw it at least twice.

Caveat: Cameron would probably spend the entire campaign budget on one spot.

2. Werner Herzog

Based on his track record, Herzog would surely inject some much-needed life and humor into these pseudo-documentary ads that Obama's team loves so much. And let's talk about becoming the change you believe in; Herzog moved a 320-ton steamship over a hill for his movie Fitzcarraldo with no special effects. Also, the last ten minutes of Rescue Dawn play out almost like a propaganda film for American patriotism.

Caveat: Most likely, Herzog doesn't even know who Obama is.

3. Tom Hooper

First of all, it won't hurt to have the director of last year's Oscar winner for Best Picture on your team. But more importantly, this is the guy who somehow managed to make audiences worldwide buy a king as an sympathetic underdog hero for the masses! If he can just do the same thing for Obama, the democrats are set.

Caveat: The right would have a field-day if the Democrats hired a British director for U.S. presidential campaign ads. Treason!

4. Michel Gondry

Obama's campaign has always been about dreaming big and believing in the impossible. No one dreams bigger than Gondry! Plus, hiring him is the perfect way to make sure that Obama holds onto that youth vote that helped out so much last time.

Caveat: His campaign ads might make no sense and include giant hands.

5. Casey Affleck

If all of this hope, change and positivity branding wears itself out, then it's probably time to move onto the obvious backup plan: a smear campaign. Basically, Affleck will shoot video of Joaquin Phoenix dressed as various conservative senators doing baffling and awful things. He'll post these on the internet and pretend they're real and sort of fool some people... for a while.

Caveat: I'm Still Here didn't work so well in the end.

Now the GOP just needs to nominate a candidate so we can have some real fun.


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