Watch Four Minutes Of Green Lantern's WonderCon Footage

As the gimlet-eyed Jen Yamato reported from WonderCon, Warner Bros. unveiled additional footage from the new Green Lantern movie that polled better than the admittedly-bad first trailer. But for those of us not lucky enough to make to San Francisco, that footage has made its way online. Check it out below!

And in case the above embedded video goes bye-bye, you can check it out at Apple.

First thoughts? It certainly reads more space epic than it did previously, and it only has a split-second of leggy mushmouth Blake Lively, which improves it exponentially in my book. But are some of the Green Lantern comic staples -- fish-headed Tomar-Re, fat-headed Hector Hammond, big-foreheaded Sinestro -- too goofy in the flesh to pass the laugh test? Only time will tell...


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