Henry Cavill Talks Superman Training, Best Abs Contests And Geeking Out Over The Costume

Movieline caught up with future Superman Henry Cavill Saturday at WonderCon, where he's scheduled to present footage from his upcoming Greek hero pic Immortals. More on his turn as the mud-speckled Greek hero Theseus to come; first, Cavill divulged details of how he's currently training to become the Man of Steel, how he's shaping his Supes body differently from his ab-tastic Immortals physique, and how his inner geek comes out as costume tests progress.

Cavill spent months on Tarsem's Immortals constantly training, maintaining six percent body fat, and, he jokes, competing with his co-stars to see "who had the best abs." Following the Immortals shoot, he filmed The Cold Light of Day with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, a project that allowed him to lay off the strict regimen. Then he got the Superman call.

"After a month of training with Mark Twight's program for Gym Jones - he did 300 and Sucker Punch as well - this foundation phase has sort of got me back towards my fitness," Cavill explained. "Not quite in Immortals shape like I was, but I've got the base there again. So the hard work really begins now when I go to L.A. That's going to be exciting." The future Clark Kent/Superman hasn't yet begun specific action training for Superman. While he had to get into demigod shape for Immortals, Cavill explains that Superman's physique will require him to shape his body differently, "back and beyond" what the Immortals shoot required.

henry cavill_300.jpg"It's going to be a different kind of shape. When you see the Immortals shape you'll see what I mean. We obviously haven't had the final brief yet, it's going to adapt and change as far as when Mark sees my body adapting to the training he'll go, 'Okay, Henry can do this,' or 'Henry can't do this,' or 'His body will look better like that.' It'll be fine-tuned and tweaked as we go along. But I think it's going to be a different sort of shape from Immortals."

The next step will be donning that iconic Superman costume, which is still being designed. "There have been some concept costume fittings," said Cavill. "I'm so excited - it's fantastic. Really, really fantastic. Sometimes... I mean, I'm sitting here talking to you about being Superman, for example. And then it dawns on me and I go, 'Oh my God, I'm Superman!' It's really exciting and an incredible opportunity, so as soon as I'm jumping into the costume and stuff it starts to become real."

"As soon as you don the cape and the S shield, it's one of those things where you go, 'Wow - this is real.'"


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Those abs sort of look painted on (sorry Henry).

  • JaySin420 says:

    I think he's way too small for Superman, I know they can make him look a few inches taller but he still needs to gain a ton of weight.
    I really hope Welling gets to wear the costume on the smallville finale just to prove my point cause he's the perfect size for it.

  • sosgemini says:

    From the pic above it looks like Caville has a crooked nose caused by it breaking. Hows Superman gonna explain that?

  • Dixon Gaines says:

    Kryptonite puck from Smallville Pee-Wee hockey, let's say.

  • icy says:

    Mmm, his is mud-stained, not painted. And you can see the contours of his muscles on the side. Look again!!

  • Mr Moto says:

    I feel bad for Cavill (even if I sort of didn't think he was the right guy for the job). This was supposed to be his time to shine. Now comes the news that months after Superman opens, Justice League will open, with a new Superman. It's like getting replaced before he even starts.
    The entire point of taking the role is for the hype and press involved. Now that will be halved and shared with the Justice League Superman. His agents better be working hard to convince Warner to put Cavill in Justice League, continuity be dammed. Otherwise, this whole thing will have been a bust, and not achieve what he or his agents wanted. The hype of being Superman, comes with being the New Superman. (Ask Dean Cain and Brandon Routh about what being the Old Superman gets you.) And 6 months from now, Justice League Superman will be the New Superman.

  • casting couch says:

    Wish this guy all the luck, because he looks good for the role.
    Snyder has bombed out recently, as far as the reviews go, but hopefully with better writers his visual style will fully shine in the new Supes movie.

  • Jeff Rosz says:

    Henry Cavill totally deserved this role as he went under recognized in his small supporting role for four seasons on 'The Tudors'. Here's to hoping her turns out to be the next Christian Bale minus the rage. *cheers*

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Judging from the Tudors love from fans at WonderCon (measured scientifically, of course, in audible screams), he'll be getting plenty of attention going forward. In the least, I can confirm that in person he is quite charismatic. Hopefully that comes through on screen in Superman.

  • Rhatik Darkio says:

    he better bulk up i dont want some puny superman he must be Godlike

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