POSTER: Everything Must Go For Will Ferrell

· It's always nice when comic actors stretch themselves with some drama amid the laughs. Jim Carrey has done it. Steve Carell has done it. And soon, Will Ferrell will, too! (Let's all forget Stranger Than Fiction happened.) Ferrell leads Everything Must Go, an indie dramedy which finds the star playing an alcoholic who decides to sell off his personal belongings upon losing his job and being kicked out by his wife. Click ahead to get your first look at the poster, then stick around for more Buzz Break.


[via Moviefone]

· This is real. NBC has picked up Off Their Rockers, a hidden-camera reality-cum-comedy show hosted and executive produced by Betty White. It gets better worse: "Off Their Rockers follows a band of seven senior citizens who make it their mission to play pranks on unsuspecting younger people." [Deadline]

· What Russell Brand really wants to do is direct. [CinemaBlend]

· And what Brand's wife Katy Perry wants to do, apparently, is have sex with an alien. (In a music video.) [Vulture]

· What would happen if 34 Katherine Heigl movies were released at the same time? Nothing good, according to Onion News Network. [Devour]


  • Ryan says:

    Let's not forget "Stranger than Fiction" happened because it was fantastic. I know far more people that love it than not.

  • mary says:

    Agreed... I love Stranger than Fiction. It had a unique voice and a great story and the soundtrack still plays heavily on my iTunes.

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