James Cameron Developing a Way To Make Avatar 2 the Most Real Film Experience Of Your Life

JamesCameron300.jpgSome filmmakers might feel comfortable compromising quality on a film that they know will dominate at the box office. (See: any film that Adam Sandler has ever produced.) Not James Cameron! For Avatar 2, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has already plunged to the deepest part of the world's oceans to secure underwater footage! He ingratiated himself with Brazilian tribesmen to get a feel for the indigenous community! And now, Cameron is developing even new technology so that Avatar 2 doesn't feel like a mind-blowing, in-your-face 3-D movie, but a mind-blowing, in-your-face reality.

Cameron will achieve this by increasing the frame rate on Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Take it away, THR:

As evidence of his belief in increasing frame rates, Cameron said he "fully intends" to make Avatar 2 and 3 at higher rates and is looking seriously at 48 and 60 frames per second. "When you author and project a movie at 48 or 60, it becomes a different movie," he said. "The 3D shows you a window into reality; the higher frame rate takes the glass out of the window. In fact, it is just reality. It is really stunning."

From James Cameron's mouth to your ears: He is developing the most stunning 3-D experience of your life -- one that could probably be achieved with some strain of Jamaican gold marijuana, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun. For him.

· James Cameron 'Fully Intends' to Make 'Avatar 2 and 3' at Higher Frame Rates [THR]


  • The Winchester says:

    In this one, Sam Worthington will actually reach out mid-movie, and take more money from your wallet after you've already shelled out $20 per ticket.
    And Cameron will light a cigar with it, then stub it out on an orphan's head.

  • cerealface says:

    That would be rather entertaining to watch! I'm in!

  • zooeyglass1999 says:

    Cameron is a master craftsman but he really needs someone else to write or at least co-write his films.

  • Remy says:

    That actually sounds truly awesome, and I'm sure it will be. Let's hope the script can keep up with it.

  • Mark says:

    Cameron is a genius scriptwriter, it's his dialogue that is slightly 'on the nose'.

  • chris says:

    instead of trying to make the movie as realistic an experience as possible, I think Cameron should try to make an original movie first. Baby steps...

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful is Cameron were shrewd enough to hire a great screenwriter to pen his movies? He's a master at choreographing mayhem, but his writing remains clumsy at best. I guess there's no one in his life who can tap him on the shoulder and say, "hey, Jim, your dialogue needs help. Here's a list of screenwriters who would kill to write your next movie."

  • The Winchester says:

    Damn Tarantino and Diablo Cody for incepting this idea in the populace that screenplays = dialog.
    Yes, Cameron writes pretty awful dialog, but he excels at the craft of story structure.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Not sure about his theory. I have a theory of my own> The reason the human eye prefers film to video is because of the frame rate, which is also why digital looks best at 24 frames per second. Our own eyes see reality with a blur so if an image is too clean we recognize it as false. For this reason many video games add filters to give the images a filmic look. The games I have played with 60 frames per second appear too clean and fast to be real.