Could Leaked Sex Photos Suddenly Make Breaking Dawn More Appealing to Non-Twilight Fans?

breakingdawn300.jpgBelieve it or not, there is still a subset of moviegoers who have no interest in seeing anything Twilight-related. These audience members stayed strong in spite of societal pressure to see sequels New Moon and Eclipse, suffocating media coverage of its stars' real-life romance and even the intriguing revelation that Pattinson will deliver a baby with his own teeth in a future installment. But can the strongest Twilight hater resist Bill Condon's Breaking Dawn after seeing the sexy leaked photos of Bella and Edward consummating their illicit relationship, one thrust at a time?

Sorry to be graphic here but that is actually what is happening in a batch of stills leaked today, which Movieline had the pleasure of poring over (for journalistic research, naturally), before Summit yanked them from websites. In one, Edward gazes deeply into Bella's eyes as they "make love" (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) in buttery lighting. But the still does not look like something you'd expect from a franchise that has been called "abstinence porn." Headboards are gripped, legs are pulled back, expert (or at least advanced beginner) sex is definitely being had.

In another leaked still, Bella and Edward lounge post-coitus with Bella's wedding ring in plain view. In spite of these images, Breaking Dawn is still expected to be rated PG-13 -- even though Robert Pattinson considers it more deserving of an "R" rating. (Movieline has confirmed the legitimacy of the leaked photos with Summit Entertainment, who also noted that Breaking Dawn is still being filmed.)

[UPDATE: The leak included a whopping amount of images from the infamous Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene, including the two stills described above. Also leaked: pics of Bella straddling Edward, Bella and Edward in various states of undress, the ravaged honeymoon suite on the morning after, and shots from the equally infamous bloody childbirth scene. Images posted on various websites and blogs have since been taken down in response to studio request.]

So what say you, Twilight-wary readers? Does the promise of actual sexy sex in the teen-oriented franchise pique your interest with the promise of what director Bill Condon might deliver?

· New Stills From Breaking Dawn Sex Scene [BuzzFeed]


  • G says:

    Hey, little girl.
    The post asked for opinions. People are giving theirs. Grow up. Maybe then you'll embrace some some well-written fiction and be able to tell when a lonely Mormon's housewife's scribblings about a big, strong man to save her is just that.
    You like it. We get it. Just don't get pissed off when people tell you that the pile of crap that you're making out with is a pile of crap.

  • Matthew says:

    still don't care about this series. soft corn porn died with the internet.

  • Okay I've seen the pics and it's appriopriate for at least a 14A rating. Besides Summit is doing an awesome job with the story line and it wasn't fair that these images were released. Way to go SUMMIT and all people who don't care about the series shouldn't comment. I love Twilight and I believe that Breaking Dawn will be amazing just like the previous movies before it! I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA!

  • Mikey M says:

    I love this type of genre of movies....when done right. The writing and acting in these movies is what makes these movies a joke. I tried watching all and was unsucessful. They are laugh out loud terrible.
    The teen girls will be there with their Mommies but who wants to see this crap?

  • Vera says:

    This is so good... I really love twilight series! so much!

  • Vera says:

    I already red the books and I hope the movie will reach my expectations the way it reached when I was reading the book!

  • jimmy says:

    You obviously care about their opinions because you resonded!

  • Jimmy says:

    I love how all these women are saying that the books aren't for teens or weren't designed for teens. Really? Is that why the main characters are teens and stuff happens at High School? Well, that explains all the teen girls wanting to see it but makes the 30 somethings standing in line to see Taylor Lautner without a shirt on a little creepy. (You know who you are!)
    I saw Twilight and Eclipse (because a girl wanted me to). I had no preconceived notions or prepared hatred for them, though I thought the Rob guy was pretty scrawny. However, after seeing the first one, I thought that they were poorly scripted, acted, and pretty cheesy. (The effects were AWFUL!) I could appreciate the story to an extent--it wasn't too bad. I won't say they were the worst movies of the year, but they were definitely far from extraordinary.

  • just sayin' says:

    Wow. A sex scene will get your husband interested in watching a movie with you. No wonder you're a fan of the books--escapist sex and romance fantasy. Now I understand the obsession all these women have with these books and movies.

  • karennina says:

    sic-em, Candance! Grrrrrrrr

  • The Cat says:

    Winchester--I thought your post was GREAT. I can't think of anything better than a goo-covered Chow Yun Fat busting out of her womb to the sound of "The Good, Bad and the Ugly" with 2 guns firing. THAT I'd go see!

  • annie says:

    people nothing was leaked or stole rob and kristen are togthere or not this is called promoting the next two sagas but if they waite to long it might prove to back fire i keep writhing to summit rob and kristen do not cry wolf to many times your fans are not stupid do not treat them as if they were fans can make you or break you. and so the lies begin again annie

  • Nene says:

    Not sure this writer understands that people who aren't interested in Twilight don't care about the actors involved or if there's a sex-scene. I have a rabid dislike of the books which I kept forcing down my own throat trying to understand why friends liked them. Girls like me (and they do exist) have plenty of reasons not to see the movie and frankly, if I want to watch a sex scene, there's more interesting stuff for me on the internet. So to answer the final question... no. God no.

  • firebrand says:

    Title of post: Could Leaked Sex Photos Suddenly Make Breaking Dawn More Appealing to Non-Twilight Fans?
    Answer to title of post: HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO.