VIDEO: Emma Watson Adorably Ruins Multiple Scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

· The Harry Potter victory lap is starting pretty early -- with bits and pieces of marketing for the final installment of the billion dollar franchise hitting the web at a fairly consistent clip. The latest? An adorable behind-the-scenes video that shows Emma Watson to be a lot less uptight than Hermione Granger. Accio, laughter! Click ahead to watch.

[via BuzzFeed]

· Craig Robinson is a nice guy, but he'll play Satan in a new movie for Lionsgate. It's a comedy! [Deadline]

· That Jennifer Garner-led Miss Marple might not be happening just yet. [Deadline]

· For those of you who immediately think of Silence of the Lambs when "American Girl" comes on the radio, Moviefone has complied a list of pop songs made creepy by the movies. [Moviefone]

· Big news from the world of television: Per Movieline's sister site TVLine, Jonathan Groff will return to the final three episodes of Glee's second season. [TVLine]


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