Wonder Woman Get-Up Now Slightly Less Sexy Halloween Costume

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki in NBC's Wonder Woman reboot, and her get-up looked a lot like a sexy Halloween costume you could buy at Ricky's NYC. Fans weren't too pleased, however, and the network has since given Adrianne Palicki a more modest costume. Sorta. Take a look at Wonder Woman's new gear after the jump.


Note the roomier and latex-free pants. And red boots! Now that is a costume that you could really fight crime in. You could probably still trick or treat in it, too.

Who is Adrianne Palicki, you ask? Click here for a brief history of your new Wonder Woman.

· 'Wonder Woman' Costume Altered After Fan Outcry [Moviefone]


  • mattmchugh says:

    Eh. It still looks like plastic and rayon. And that actress, while certainly fit and pretty, is far too baby-faced to play a warrior-hero. WW needs some some hard, bony angles in her face.
    From everything I've heard, David E. Kelley doesn't understand the Wonder Woman mythology and is turning the show into one of his trademark corporate lawyer dramas. That's a pity, because of all comic-book heroes, WW is the only one with a truly great -- and truly radical -- feminist ideology. It would be interesting to see that explored intelligently (rather than exploited cheesily) on prime time TV.
    -- mm