Disney Has Been Virally Marketing Jason Segel's Hard-to-Make Muppets for 18 Months

While Fraggle Rock remains but a twinkle in the eye of your average '80s nostalgist, The Muppets is full-steam ahead toward its November release. Not that it was any easier getting this one restarted. "It was the hardest thing to get made that I've ever been involved in," Muppets co-writer/co-star/champion Jason Segel told the Los Angeles Times. "This is a relatively high budget for a movie with puppets. It cost more than Sarah Marshall, I'll tell you that. And it's such a beloved franchise. It was tricky to get everyone to agree on a script, on a budget, on a concept." How does Disney plan on reminding everyone about this "beloved franchise"? Apparently they already started.

During the CinemaCon presentation for The Muppets it was revealed that the studio has been stealth marketing The Muppets through a series of viral videos since 2009. That way, by the time The Muppets gets released, the younger generation of fans will at least know what to expect. And you thought that clip of the Muppets singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" was just a cute forward your mom sent along!

It was also noted that the film will include four new musical numbers. Four! If even just one is as catchy and perfect as this classic blow, Segel's passion project will likely be a success. No pressure though.

The Muppets is due in theaters on Nov. 23.

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  • KevyB says:

    It's about time Disney gets behind the Muppets! They spent all that money to buy them and then let them languish. They didn't want to spend money to make them relevant again, yet they keep pouring money into pretending Mickey Mouse is anything more than a theme park mascot. They better not screw up advertising because anybody who saw the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall knows Jason Segel will make it great.

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