Chris Hemsworth Broke His Thor Costume in a Terrible Muscle Accident

thor225.jpgWe gather here today to remember Chris Hemsworth's original Thor costume, which was mangled in an unthinkable flexing mishap on-set. The 27-year-old confessed to the Los Angeles Times that he couldn't fit into the tight togs thanks to his new hypermuscular frame. When will the torture for these over-pumped, under-loved thespians be over?

Said Hemsworth:

"I got the part and immediately started looking at the comic books, and the guy is 500 pounds or something and looks like Schwarzenegger. And I thought, 'OK, I'm not gonna get to that.' But I have to get bigger. [...] (The filmmakers) kept saying 'Yeah, get as big as you can, as big as you can.' And then I came back right before Christmas, just before we started the movie, and had a final sort of camera test and put the costume on and within a couple of minutes, my hands started going numb. And everyone was like, 'Yeah, that's not cool.' And I started getting pins and needles and you'd touch the skin and the blood wouldn't return to that area so quick. And I thought, 'OK, it doesn't fit'."

That'll teach producers to order Chris Hemsworth around. The same thing probably happened to Christopher Reeve in the Superman movies, and definitely to Marlon Brando.

Watch the full Times interview with Hemsworth below:

[via CinemaBlend]


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