Monsters, Inc. Duo Heading Back to College for Pixar Prequel Monsters University

monstersinc300.jpgIn a presentation Tuesday at CinemaCon, Disney/Pixar announced that their forthcoming 2012 sequel to the Oscar-winning Monsters, Inc. will be called Monsters University, and is actually a prequel to the original exploring the origins of the friendship between Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman). Stars Crystal and Goodman are expected to return along with Steve Buscemi as rival scream-collector Randall Boggs, while a writer and director have yet to be named. Cue the college movie cliché conjecture! What familiar campus experiences might our heroes face -- and what do monsters hang on doorknobs if they don't wear socks? [THR, First Showing]


  • KevyB says:

    UCK! The ONLY thing that made Monsters Inc non-terrible was Boo. Without Sulley's relationship with her, this is going to be an animated A Different World.

  • erric says:

    such monsters in movie are really cute and lovely

  • Alex says:

    "I know nothing about movies, but I'm going to pretend by saying something ridiculous"

  • KevyB says:

    "I liked Monsters, Inc A LOT, so I'm going to make a nonsensical comment because I can't tolerate other people's opinions!" The three lowest-rated Pixar films on Metacritic are this, A Bug's Life and Cars, and rightfully so. That's at least according to people that "know something about movies", so explain why your movie-knowing excellence thinks otherwise.