The Falling Skies Trailer: Try to Stay On Task for the Next Two and a Half Minutes

Yes, yes. TNT's Falling Skies is some kind of film event even though it's a television show, thanks to the involvement of co-creator/big time movie producer Steven Spielberg. But that's not the only semi-related pop cultural reference that comes to mind during the frenetic two and a half minute trailer for the "powerful new original series," a trailer that dares your mind not to wander to just about a dozen other sci-fi properties that are not Falling Skies. Focus, class!

In the wake of an alien invasion, human survivors band together to fight back against their mysterious attackers. In the wake of the Falling Skies trailer, my brain cells banded together to recall the following thoughts that came to mind while watching this dizzying reel of things and people thrown together in one derivative sci-fi blender:

· Hey, there's dirty, scruffy Noah Wyle -- I mean dirty, scruffy Noah "The Librarian" Wyle. You know, those Librarian TV movies weren't half bad. At least, uh, that's what I hear.

· Aliens have attacked all of the world's capitals and military bases. So, Battle: Los Angeles happened. Got it.

· Hey, a ginormous alien leg shot in what looks to be SyFy Channel-worthy CG!

· Oh look, it's that kid from Secretariat. Wonder if he'll get that Hunger Games gig.

· Oh look, it's that chick from Terminator: Salvation.

· This looks like The Walking Dead, only with aliens and Noah "The Librarian" Wyle.

· Dimly lit glimpse of an alien with octopus legs. Creepy!

· Those aliens are after little children? Even creepier!

· Noah Wyle's son just wants everything to go back to the way it was. I'm beginning to feel his pain.

· Explosion!

· Gunfire!

· Robot alien on rooftop!

· Alien trains multi-lasers on a dude's forehead. Conclusion: These aliens are Predator fans.

· Oh crap, Will Patton's in this. Not that it's his fault, but who can concentrate on any movie once Will Patton's on the scene?

· More octo-alien!

· More explosions!

· Seriously, Will Patton. Stop ruining everything.

· Cityscape attacked by blue alien barrage! Did the Strause Brothers do these effects?

· Is that the chick from DOA: Dead or Alive?

· Yes, it is.

Verdict: I really need to catch up on those Librarian movies.

Falling Skies makes its two-hour premiere Sunday, June 19, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), before moving into its regular timeslot of Sundays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).


  • The Winchester says:

    Between this and Terra Nova, it's like Skyline vs. Battle: Los Angeles recreated in my own home!!!!

  • Tommy Marx says:

    How come aliens always destroy iconic monuments?
    I liked the idea of the little girl introducing the idea - it would actually have been much more effective if they had cut the rest of the crap and focused entirely on that. But all I could think of in the midst of all the clichés and bad lines is, "Wow, they made a really bad remake of Jericho."

  • erric says:

    i like such films
    talk about the coming futures, fight the aliens...

  • Sarah says:

    Okay it's time to admit this, out loud: I love Will Patton. I'm sorry. I feel better now. Oh also I love the Librarian movies.

  • Jen Yamato says:

    I respect your courage, Sarah. I like Will Patton, too. He seems like a nice individual. But sometime in the last few years I began getting SO distracted any time he showed up in a movie. Sometimes being a "that guy" works against you, I'm afraid.
    Also: The Librarian movies. I need them. Seriously, are they on DVD?