David Fincher Probably Won't Make a Movie for Warner Bros. Any Time Soon

david-fincher_fb_120.jpgOn Friday, Jeff Robinov will officially succeed Alan Horn as president of Warner Bros., meaning he'll be the man responsible for giving films the green light at the studio. Just not films from David Fincher. In a profile on Robinov in the Los Angeles Times, the former production executive is revealed to "hold grudges," and apparently won't work with the Oscar-nominated Fincher following clashes between the two during Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So, no Benjamin Button sequel then? [LAT]


  • The Pope says:

    Robinov's loss. While there are several studios in town, there is only one David Fincher.

  • James says:

    My thoughts exactly. Sony seems happy to be in business with one of the few genuinely gifted directors around, and they'll be getting my money. I couldn't care less which studio logo is in front of a film, but is sure as heck care what the director's name is.