Celebrate 25 Years of Pixar With This Heartwarming Retrospective

Yesterday, Pixar offered up a first glimpse of its majestic new movie Brave -- about an unruly princess in the Scottish Highlands -- and it left Movieline HQ itching for a Pixar fix. Fortunately, the computer animated god above (or Youtube user NkMcdonalds) anticipated this and pieced together a glorious tribute to Pixar Animation spanning its 25-year career which included 12 feature films, 20 shorts and many beloved characters. Enjoy!

· 25 Years of Pixar Animation [Go Into the Story]


  • erric says:

    it's nice, and i enjoyed it so much

  • Erica S says:

    First, the songs included are from the "Sunshine" soundtrack and then "Hoppípolla" by Sigur Ros. Next, not sure how I feel about it being labeled as "25 years." Yes, there was older footage in there but the bulk of it is post-Toy Story (

  • Tom says:

    I think an argument could be made:
    Pixar in 20-25 years has had the single most successful run of any studio over that time in the history of film ... not just looking at its enormous successes, but lack of failures. That is saying something for a studio.

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