VIDEO: Maybe Michael Bay Directing Angry Birds Isn't So Crazy After All

· The mad geniuses over at Rooster Teeth have created a new fake trailer for the fake Michael Bay-directed Angry Birds: The Movie, and... well, it certainly looks like something Hollywood might attempt. Only, where are the explosions? And the American flags waving in slow motion? Michael Bay, this is not. This looks more like Simon West to me. Click ahead to watch, then stick around for more Buzz Break.

[Rooster Teeth via Kotaku]

· If you were excited about the possibility of Kick-Ass 2 happening any time soon, bad news: screenwriter Jane Goodman says it's not in development at the moment. [/Film]

· As it turns out, Will Sasso will play Curly in the Farrelly Brothers version of The Three Stooges. Hank Azaria and James Marsden are in the running for Moe and Larry, respectively. Nyuck, nyuck. [Deadline]

· Will movie superstar Will Ferrell become a full-time cast member on The Office next season? Probably not, but Ferrell is doing his best to make it sound like he will. [EW]

· If your thing is seeing January Jones in her underwear, then you might want to click through to these images from X-Men: First Class that first appeared in Empire. [Moviefone]

· Speaking of Jones, Jon Hamm says that Mad Men won't return until 2012. "You can write that," Hamm told Variety. [Variety]


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