The Mystery of Natalie Portman's Butt in Your Highness: SOLVED

portmanyourhighness2300.jpgAnother day, another Natalie Portman authenticity scandal. But this one isn't about how much dancing the Oscar-winner did or didn't do in Black Swan; it's of even more significance, to a certain segment of the movie-going audience: Did Portman use a butt double in her upcoming medieval comedy, Your Highness?

If you've been following David Gordon Green's Your Highness and have been watching the trailers on a loop like a good fanboy (or girl), you know the butt shot in question: Natalie Portman, in character as the warrioress Isabel, strips down to her metallic medieval skivvies to take a refreshing dip in a pond while James Franco and Danny McBride spy from afar.

Speaking with Movieline for an interview posting next week, Green praised Portman's willingness to don the revealing costume for her role. But, as Film Drunk reports, an Irish model named Caroline Davis has taken credit for doubling Portman in the scene, which presents a troubling question: Could Portman have pulled a Vera Farmiga in Up in the Air and used a stand-in for that ass?

This is the part where you rewatch clips from Your Highness to investigate the would-be scandal... and find that Portman is clearly the one standing pondside shedding her medieval pants to reveal her own medieval rump in that medieval thong. After an exhaustive investigation, Film Drunk determines that the Irish butt double was used only in the diving portion of the scene in which Portman's face is obscured, which makes sense.

Not coincidentally, the lone keyword entry associated with Your Highness so far on IMDB? "Thong bikini."

So there you have it. Who cares about who performed which plies and pas de bourrée when Important Celebrity Butt Mysteries are being solved?

· Natalie Portman used a butt double [Film Drunk]


  • Furious D says:

    I think those who doubted Ms. Portman's posterior are like those "birthers". In fact, I pitched calling them "butters" but my idea was rejected.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I am starting to worry that "Natalie Portman" as we know her is actually scans from a Vanity Fair layout from several years ago.

  • Top Notch Journalism.

  • Thanks for "cracking" that case! 😉

  • Prima ballerina says:

    You spelled: Pas de bourrée incorrectly.

  • stephy says:

    yeah stupid to debate this, happens all the time don't see what the big deal is. So she didn't want her ass in a movie, maybe if you think about it just because she is a star doesn't mean she has to bow down to the whim of a director. Good for her.

  • Jen Yamato says:

    (Fixed) Thank you, Prima Ballerina.

  • Marcus says:

    Everyone knows if you don't clearly see the face and the naked part in question in the same frame, it's probably a double.

  • bob says:

    By birthers do you mean the people who question whether obama is a citizen? I mean come on the guy refused to let us see a birth certificate for 3 years then comes out with one right before the election (coincidence?) that top adobe acrobat engineers say is fake. I mean seriously who are we to believe? The lying politician (they all lie) who hid it for 3 years or the engineer who helped design acrobat and has worked at the company for 30 years. Exactly. Obama is not a citizen.

  • Riley says:

    hurry up and die, but back to the Subject @ hand Natalie Portman can do more then lick my face, the butt jumping into the water did seem a little strange, But I thought that Vera Farmiga was the real deal

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  • Rick Y says:

    There is no loser when that butt appeared. Winning!!!!