Randy Quaid to Premiere Deranged Star Whackers Documentary Next Month — With Nudity

RandyQuaid300.jpgRandy Quaid may have over 80 credits listed on his IMDb page, but these days the Oscar-nominated actor is better known nowadays for his fugitive lifestyle and cuckoo-bananas conspiracy theories. All of that could change, however, if Star Whackers -- the "highly experimental" documentary that Quaid and his wife Evi just announced -- is well-received when it premieres next month in Vancouver.

The unfinished docu-drama reportedly chronicles the couple's escape from Hollywood and the "star whackers," the group of assassins that they claimed were trying to murder them. Since declaring residency in Canada, Randy Quaid has debuted a new single -- also called "Star Whackers" -- with his band The Fugitives. Meanwhile, Evi announced her docu-drama in the following statement:

"This is a work in progress and highly experimental with nudity, adult language and content throughout. [...] For the first time I would like an audience reaction to my art as a work in progress, so I may understand its content through other eyes."

Star Whackers will premiere April 22 at the Rio Theatre alongside Real Time, Quaid's 2008 film in which he stars, coincidentally, as a hit man. Rio Theatre is billing the event as "An Evening With the Quaids" and charging $20 for the double feature and Q&A session with the couple afterward.

· Randy Quaid to Make 'Star Whackers' Movie [THR]


  • Wellie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they should hire Charlie Sheen to emcee "An Evening With the Quaids"? Considering the night will be a celebration of bombastic egos, conspiracy theories, mental illness, drug addiction, and brushes with the law - it seems like a natural fit.

  • Jake says:

    Oh my gosh -- these two have been planning this all along, haven't they? They get media notice by acting insane, and then make a documentary about it with buzz already building. Has their flight to Canada been a piece of performance art? Are they pulling a Joaquin?

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