Paramount Shows 22 Minutes of Super 8 to the Internet, and 7 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Also in this Thursday edition of The Broadsheet: A familiar face joins Wes Anderson on his next film... Josh Radnor gets an education... Game Change finds its John McCain... and more ahead.

· Be jealous. At an event in New York on Wednesday night, Paramount highlighted its list of potential 2011 blockbusters (including Captain America), and screened roughly 22 minutes of Super 8. Director-cum-ringmaster J.J. Abrams was even on hand to introduce the two out-of-context scenes! I'm still going with my "No Super 8 until June 10!" credo, but if you want to find out more about what Abrams has in store for you, click through. [CinemaBlend, Moviefone]

· This was probably pretty obvious, but: Jason Schwartzman has apparently been cast in Moonrise Kingdom, the next film from Wes Anderson. Good. [/Film]

· When indie darlings unite. Fresh off his fairly winning directorial debut in happythankyoumoreplease, Josh Radnor will write, direct and star in Liberal Arts with Sundance It Girl Elizabeth Olsen. The film will center on a 35-year-old (Radnor), who wants the responsibility-free life of a college student, right down to the beautiful 19-year-old girlfriend (Olsen). Filming will commence during Radnor's How I Met Your Mother hiatus in the spring. [THR]

· HBO has announced that Ed Harris will play John McCain in Game Change. Kevin Tighe was a better choice, but Harris actually isn't bad. [THR]

· Oscar-winning screenwriter David Seidler is going from The King's Speech to the Games of 1940. The film is an "inspirational" story about a group of POWs who compete in an impromptu Olympics under Nazi watch after the real Olympics were canceled due to the war. [Deadline]

· If Easy A and the trailers for Friends with Benefits are any indication, director Will Gluck is a growing talent in Hollywood. As such it isn't surprising to see him push further into the big leagues. Gluck is in talks with Sony Pictures and The Social Network team to direct Sex on the Moon, an adaptation of Ben Mezrich's latest non-fiction book. Moon follows the real-life tale of a NASA employee who stole moonrocks and sold them online to impress a girl. The things we do. [LAT/24 Frames]

· Release dates! Warner Bros. has set June 1, 2012 for Rock of Ages and June 15, 2012 for Jack the Giant Killer. Elsewhere, Lionsgate has pushed One for the Money to Jan. 27, 2012. Sorry, Katherine Heigl! [Deadline, Box Office Mojo]

· Finally, if you're still mourning over the death of Elizabeth Taylor, here are 79 ways to celebrate her life over the next year. [The Film Experience]

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