The Setup Trailer: The Bruce Willis/50 Cent Pairing You've Been Dreaming Of

The most prolific actor thus far in 2011? Try Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Following his "critically acclaimed" performance-turned-comical Internet meme in Things Fall Apart, the rapper/actor (raptor?) is back again with yet another movie that no one will ever see: Setup. And this time he brought Bruce Willis.

Yep, that Bruce Willis. The A-lister who you know from Die Hard and all those mid-range action films with the one word titles (RED, Surrogates, Hostage). In which case, Setup certainly seems to qualify! Willis stars as some sort of bad ass gangster -- the kind who tortures his victims with speeches about his God complex before drowning them -- who hires 50 Cent and Ryan Phillippe (!) to rob a bank. Things go crazy (as they do when you rob banks), Phillippe's character double-crosses everyone, and Fiddy must get back the lost money or die tryin'. It all looks acceptably low-rent and bad -- like something you'd find your father asleep in front of at 2 a.m. on Cinemax.

Questions do abound, though: What is kind of accent is Phillippe affecting? When did Willis actually make this? What was he thinking while making it? Who wants to chip in to pay for 50 Cent's acting lessons? About that last one: Geez, maybe the guy has the gruff charm to be a C-list movie star, but he certainly doesn't have the chops. Master P is like Olivier compared to 50.

VERDICT: Make it a double feature with Things Fall Apart.

[Trailer NSFW due to some violence and lots of cursing.]

[via Vulture]


  • Ju-osh says:

    For a long time, it seemed like Steven Seagal was trying to be 'The Next Bruce Willis,' what with all of his 'Die Hard on a boat' and 'Die Hard on a bigger boat' type of flicks. Now, with Willis filming his second 'Floundering White action star + random Black sidekick' movie, their roles seem to have reversed.

  • j'accuse! says:

    I second that. These movies make 'Bad Boys II' look like 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre'.

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