TRAILER: Morgan Spurlock Gloriously Sells Out in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

With everything in the world going to pot, sometimes it's hard to remember that documentaries can be fun. Not everything has to be a downer like Restrepo or a outrageous indictment like Inside Job! Banksy knew this all too well, which is part of the reason why Exit Through the Gift Shop was so well-received last year. Morgan Spurlock knows it, too, which is which The Greatest Movie Ever Sold will be so well-received this year.

The first trailer for the Sundance favorite has arrived online with as much flash and personality as Spurlock himself. The Oscar-nominated director decided to make a film about product placement by immersing himself in product placement, and the results produce both laughs and shocked guffaws. (That guy from Sheetz saying he'd be on a collector's cup like a "wet t-shirt," for instance.) Hell, even Jimmy Kimmel is on board for this one -- the "Inception of documentaries" pull quote belongs to him. What does that even mean? As Ralph Nader says, maybe the answer lies in your sleep.

VERDICT: Sold. (Har!)