It Might Be Harder to Erase China From Red Dawn Than You Thought

Earlier this week it was reported that the filmmakers behind Red Dawn were going to replace mentions of China with North Korea, in an effort to make the long-shelved remake more sellable to the "Asian superpower." It turns out that might be difficult. In a spoiler-heavy review, the website Libertas reveals that the crux of the film deals with China invading America to "collect" on the debt owed by years of borrowing. Kinda hard to imagine North Korea having the same aspirations, isn't it? [Libertas via The Playlist]


  • Dr. Beetlejuice says:

    I cant believe they are hiding in fear. This movie was held back because of threats from china. We as American people have a fear of china collecting its debt and going REPO on us. Just like we where scared of Russia invading back in the day. The original creators where not scared of pissing off russia. SUCK IT UP AND MAKE THE MOVIE. you have the american people behind you and they need to be aware of how to be prepared. Korea will never invade. we have nothing they want. and they are to small to succeed.

  • John C. says:

    The first Red Dawn's premise was ridiculous. So is this lame sequel. Except this time, perhaps it's a better cross-section of American demographics than the first, as the only minorities represented in the first were on the Russian / Cuban side of the equation. There are some non-whites in the sequel! Goodness, we have made progress!

  • The Winchester says:

    That publicity still looks like a Bennetton ad.
    Also, the movie's shot already, right? Are they really just hoping that digital paint jobs to the tanks and the collective casual racism gene in people won't tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese?

  • Keith says:

    MGM should just release the film uncensored in the United States
    and release the censored north korean version in China.
    MGM has insulted the moviegoers in the US by changing up
    the villians after the film is already made. Why didnt MGM ask
    the american audience about changing up the villian before doing
    so. It simple the majority of people who wanted to see this film wanted
    the filim as is. Not some PC watered down north korean substitute.
    China makes a credible villian, north korea does not. This film will bomb.
    save yourselves the time and effort and just release the film straight to DVD.
    Everyone knows MGM sold out to China and the film was changed up so as not
    to offend communist China. Thats very bad public relations MGM. You think people will go see the watered down NK version, think again. Give us the
    uncensored version. Otherwise the commies have already won. Wolverines!!

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