A Movieline Investigation: Is Matthew McConaughey Really Shirtless in Every Movie?

Conventional wisdom likes to assume that Matthew McConaughey has taken his shirt off in every single one of his movies, which would lead us to assume that he does so again in his new film, The Lincoln Lawyer. True, McConaughey is not shy when it comes to going bare chested on-screen and in public, but is he really sans shirt in every one of his movies? Well, we checked each and every one of them.

Starting with McConaughey's breakout role in A Time to Kill (before that, he didn't really have enough screen-time to warrant a bare chest -- sorry Wooderson fans), we went through each of Matthew McConaughey's 22 major motion pictures to date make a definitive list once and for all.

Is McConaughey bare chested in every movie? If not, in what percentage of films does he appear without a shirt? And what are the rough odds that he'll be shirtless in The Lincoln Lawyer? Click through to the gallery to find out.

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  • Anya says:

    Uh, where's Dazed and Confused?

  • Uh, indeed. As noted above: "Starting with McConaughey’s breakout role in _A Time to Kill_ (before that, he didn’t really have enough screen-time to warrant a bare chest — sorry Wooderson fans)..."

  • The Winchester says:

    I want that picture of McConaughey slaying the dragon from Reign of Fire on a gigantic tapestry hanging on my wall.

  • Strawberry Pain says:

    Dudes. The Failure to Launch pic. Nicely done.

  • Sara Alvaro says:

    For Mel Gibson, it was his ass that was always on show.

  • BoBo says:

    Of course. Matthew has a no shirt clause in his contact.

  • Jadubot says:

    Don't forget Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation where the deranged Matt tears his shirt off and proceeds to cut himself in front of everybody! What an awesome movie.... 🙁

  • Carolyn Bostian says:

    Oh, yes God, I hope so...........................

  • Allison says:

    This guy is a douche bag. Matthew apparently said in an interview when asked why he didn't marry his girlfriend (who'd just given birth) , Matthew said "she's pretty good to f**k but not enough to marry." He said that no woman was good enough for him to marry.
    What an ass.

  • Reid Wright says:

    Allison, could you please reference your quote as i find that quite interesting. It would seem to be something that would make entertainment news headlines. Apparently in an interview when asked why she married Tom, Katie said " i married Tom because i really like aliens and he is actually an alien".

  • Mario says:

    Allison, it matters not how Matt feels about women. Maybe he's been burned far too many times. Don't be naive, you know how things are, especially with these famous actors, every woman wants to be with him. Hopefully, all the women who have been with him, didn't want to destroy him after she tried to change him too much, or got jealous because he was reading a magazine with a photot of a pretty 'other' woman on it.
    Maybe he doesn't believe in marriage, or maybe he just plain and simply does not want to marry a woman...
    Lastly, maybe you read more into a small quote he made when he was upset. Go figure. Or... ??? Hm?

  • frankie says:

    but word has it that he will not use colone or soap on his body!

  • pairs hilton sucks! Just how can any individual like her?

  • texace says:

    Bullshit !