Hilarious SXSW Super Mario Bros. Indie Trailer: Mario('s Soul) is Missing

SXSW airs mini-films before some of its screenings, and this one by Joe Nicolosi is probably the funniest you'll see: an indie re-rendering of Super Mario's struggles with mushroom dependency, letting go of Princess Peach, and Bowser's one-liners. You'll cry and cry and blow into the underside of the cartridge all over again.

The references to Mario Kart and Mario is Missing are particularly genius. In the extended version, Nicolosi should consider adding:

· Mario's arrest for a bogus medical license

· Bob Hoskins as Ludwig von Koopa, John Leguizamo as Iggy Koopa, and Samantha Mathis as Wendy O. Koopa. Or replace all the Koopas with the cast of Jersey Shore.

· A precious scene with Mario and his estranged son on a sad Yoshi carousel at the Star World carnival

· The Mario Bros' vineyard with stalks that reach the clouds.

· Mario's pathetic trips to the casino after work, where he sits at the same slot machine for hours trying to line up three cherries. (Also: Super Mario Bros. 2 is the best. The best!)

Anything else? Add it in the comments below.

[via Badass Digest]


  • Joe says:

    Hey Louis, I like some of your ideas. Here were more of mine that got cut.
    -Yoshi was originally going to be his green hipster bike.
    -The hammer brothers were going to be construction workers that got in Mario's way.
    -Underwater scenes running from the cops.
    -Smashing parking meters for the coins inside.
    We had like... no money so a lot of these had to be scrapped in favor of ideas that were cheeper or possible to do with my limited VFX knowledge.