Things Fall Apart Trailer: Only 50 Cent Could Make You Laugh About Cancer

And you thought those X-Men: First Class posters were bad. The first "unofficial trailer" for Things Fall Apart -- the new film co-written and starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson as a high school football player stricken with cancer -- has arrived online, and it packs enough terrible within its two minute-and-twenty-seven second running time to basically redefine terrible. This is like an SNL Digital Short, minus the production values. Oh, co-stars Mario Van Peebles and Ray Liotta, what hath time on the C-list wrought?

To be fair, Jackson's intentions for Things Fall Apart were in the right place -- he reportedly based the film on a neighbor who died of cancer -- but the execution of this trailer (unofficial or not) is all kinds of wrong. The football scenes look crazy cheap, the melodrama would make Tommy Wiseau cringe, and Jackson's "critically acclaimed" performance (never mind that the film hasn't been released or reviewed) is propped up on facial expressions that could only be described as constipated.

Anyway, watch below. You'll never be able to hear Nelly's "Just a Dream" in the same way again.

VERDICT: Oh, no.

[Rap-Up via Vulture]


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