VIDEO: The Grease Parody That Was Cut from the Oscars Was Better Than the Oscars

The one thing missing from the Academy Awards on Sunday night -- besides, chemistry, humor, energy and fun? That Grease parody that James Franco whetted our appetites for last week! If your dreams of James and Anne-as-Danny and Sandy were dashed in a haze of disappointment, don't worry: The Oscars have put the singing and dancing online, and it's... actually really fun! Certainly more fun than almost every other thing Franco and Hathaway did during the telecast. Which is probably why it was cut. Consistency! Click ahead to watch before Black Swan's water breaks. (You'll see.)

[via Vulture]


  • G says:

    That was brutal. Second-hand embarassment.

  • metroville says:

    I'm going to allow myself to be convinced that the entirety of Franco's superficially disastrous emceeing was in actuality a multilayer meta-performance intended to illustrate to both the AMPAS and the world at large that comedy is immeasurably more difficult to efficiently execute than is melodrama.
    That...or he was crazy-stoned.

  • Shanni Norwolf says:

    Ouch... that was a disaster. Cringe inducing. Hard to even watch. Thank god Olivia and John are still alive so they don't have to roll in their graves. Cut rate crap. I have watched better by amateurs on you tube. Horrible Oscar entertainment.

  • Christopher Rosen says:

    Maybe because the show was so bad itself, but: I like this! It's fun! Franco is more alive here than he was all night. Not great, but by the standards of what we were forced to witness, outstanding.

  • Logo says:

    I loved Anne Hathaway last night, she hosted the whole thing by herself, it was like James wasn't even there. What was that about? Other than that Sandra Bullock was the funniest (can she host next year?) along with Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr, Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. Colin Firth was a darling too and Natalie is just too adorable.