Tadpole Director, Indie-Producing Pioneer Gary Winick Dies at 49

garywinik_thumb.jpgVery Sad News: Director/Producer Gary Winick has died at 49. Winick graduated from directing indie films like Tadpole to studio fare like Charlotte's Web and recently Letters to Juliet, but he kept one foot firmly planted in the indie film world, and helped untold number of filmmakers, with his digital filmmaking collective InDigEnt. Under the initiative, which proposed that filmmakers make digital features for under $100,000, he produced 19 films including Richard Linklater's Tape, Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity and Steve Buscemi's Lonesome Jim. Cause of death is not yet known. [@MattDentler via IFC]


  • Brian says:

    That's very sad news. He seemed like a good guy and he didn't make it to 50. I don't watch many chick flicks, but I saw Letters to Juliet and it was a good, sweet movie, a good one to go out on. RIP.

  • G says:

    Yeah... we're not going to have enough time for you at the Oscars... so sorry.