France's Version of the Oscars Was Hipper Than the Real Thing and 7 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

tarantino_cesar_225.jpgAlso in this post-Oscar edition of The Broadsheet: An update who was left out of the Oscar In Memoriam Montage... James Franco is too busy announcing new projects to even think about last night... and more ahead.

· Yes, the Oscars mostly ignored The Social Network and totally ignored Ghost Writer, but both films took home major prizes at the César awards in France this weekend. Additional awards were handed to Edgar Ramirez for his performance in Carlos and Quentin Tarantino. So anyway, if you're looking for an actually hip awards show around this time next year...[LAT]

· How'd you do on that In Memoriam Oscar Montage Pool? Those who bet on the following being completely neglected gained the immediate edge: Director of Photography Dan Peterman, Maria Schneider, Lisa Blount, Peter Graves, Betty Garrett, Corey Haim, CAA talent agent Marty Baum and Eric Rohmer. Eric Rohmer guys? Really? [Deadline]

· James Franco is apparently going to work with Trash Humpers director Harmony Korine on a "violent art film" about L.A. street gangs. Of course. [Vulture]

· Tom Cruise is now confirmed for Rock of Ages. We are not happy. [Coming Soon]

· Charlie Sheen will soon start shopping around a memoir about life on the set of Two and a Half Men titled When the Laughter Stopped. He will start the bidding for rights at $10 million. Also, he's demanding a 50% raise before returning to the show. [TMZ, EW]

· Congratulations to the funny and charming Zach Anner, whose show Rolling Around the World with Zach Anner is now in development on Oprah's OWN network. Check out his pilot and start the campaign now for him to host next year's Oscars. [ NYT]

· Okay! The producers of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark are now looking at officially opening the production in late June. For real this time. Seriously. Probably. Maybe? [NYT/ArtsBeat]

· Melissa Leo is sorry she said the F-word during her acceptance speech last night. Based on the hundreds of videos of her speech already posted, I guess we can say apology accepted? [Daily Mail]


  • NP says:

    Even the Independent Spirits ceremony was fairly entertaining on IFC (though full disclosure: I watched the ceremony inebriated at 3am and fast forwarded through a lot of it). Mostly it was pretty great to see Dale Dickey and John Hawkes get some awards love. Is the César ceremony shown anywhere on American television? If not, it really needs to be.

  • Oh, please, Melissa Leo. That whole speech was planned, choreographed, and practiced from end to end, probably by the pool with your fur coat on. You did it because you knew it would mean you'd get attention. That's fine, but don't insult us by pretending.