Check Out the Fairly Awesome Poster for Rubber

· Hey, remember Rubber, that horror movie about the killer tire that makes heads explode when it gets angry? Well, it's out via On Demand right now, and it has a pretty awesome poster, courtesy of Boris Vallejo. Click ahead to see one giant tire, then stick around for more Buzz Break


[via /Film]

· Here's a handy chart of how long the winning speeches were at the Oscars on Sunday night. Colin Firth is still talking. [National Post]

· Preliminary ratings for the Oscars were down seven percent from last year. [TVLine]

· David Cross doesn't think there will be an Arrested Development movie. Join the club, DC! [MTV]

· Zach Galifianakis will host SNL on March 12 with musical guest Jesse J. You know her from that incessant earworm "Price Tag." [NBC]

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