VIDEO: Mr. Brainwash Explains the Banksy/Oscars Mural to Movieline

Screw the King's Speech/Social Network steel-cage match: The most intriguing subplot of tonight Oscarcast revolves around a first-time filmmaker you might have heard of named Banksy. At Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, Movieline's own Carly Steel caught up with Thierry Guetta -- aka Mr. Brainwash, the street-art maven-turned-documentarian-turned documentary subject at the heart of Banksy's exhilarating, Oscar-nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop.

"It's just another day," Guetta said of the whirlwind that is Academy Awards D-Day, but he couldn't shield his excitement in describing his well-documented tribute to Bansky: The sprawling mural where hoodied anonymity, red-carpet glam, Oscar exotica and, naturally, Star Wars stormtroopers collide. Or maybe that was Banksy's tribute to the Oscars? Who knows? We can only go by what he tells us. In any case, godspeed tonight, Mr. Brainwash...