Friday Box Office: Hall Pass Wins A Tepid #1; Drive Angry Goes Off The Cliff

While everyone gets ready for a dose of Hollywood glamor at the Oscars this weekend, old-fashioned gross-out kings Peter & Bobby Farrelly ruled the box office as their horny man-child comedy Hall Pass weakly won Friday night. Ass-kicking Liam Neeson dropped down to number two, and speaking of number two, Nicolas Cage's Drive Angry opened in ninth place. Your Friday box office is here.

1. HALL PASS: $4,700,000 (new)

2. UNKNOWN: $4,000,000 ($34,400,000)

3. GNOMEO AND JULIET: $3,400,000 ($64,300,000)

4. JUST GO WITH IT: $3,400,000 ($71,600,000)

5. I AM NUMBER FOUR: $3,200,000 ($29,900,000)


9. DRIVE ANGRY: $2,000,000 (new)


  • Mykey716 says:

    I just want someone, somewhere to explain why Nic Cage is still getting film roles? With the exception of 'National Treasure' (1 more than 2), his recent movies have been dreadful...'Ghost Rider', 'Next', 'Knowing', 'Sorcerer's Apprentice'. The only reason you might want to consider a Nic Cage movie is to see what kind of hairpiece/weave he'll be sporting!!

  • 2+2=4 says:

    I think people are being too harsh on Nic to send a message, but the movie seems to be better than his usual crap, if only for a female nudity and the presence of William Fichtner.
    The ensemble is indeed a receipt for a failure - extremely mocked star, not prestigious director, and a sexy female lead that just announced she is a lesbian (huge mistake, the announcement I mean, not the sexual preference) which ruined the fantasy for most of the target audience - young drunk males who only want to see explosions and boobs.

  • I says:

    The Drive angry movie wasn't too bad. But that's not saying much.

  • Brian says:

    As awful as this looked in it's trailer, it was decent for an action movie, definitely the best Nic Cage movie in years. William Fichtner is great and Amber Heard was fun to watch. Agreed that Heard's announcement was ill timed, I'll bet that Summit wishes she had stayed in the closet until March.