The 3 Most Interesting Actors 'In the Mix' For the Bourne Spinoff

Tony Gilroy is now meeting with actors for that new Bourne movie that will "delve deeper into the universe of the Bourne franchise," except you know, without Jason Bourne. In any case, as with most short lists for casting in early stages, this one is pretty long and all over the place. But there are a few very intriguing choices on the list that suggests that Tony Gilroy is at least willing to take some chances with the franchise. Either that, or the guy loves meetings.

In any case, I've included the full, ridiculously long list at the end. Most likely he will just cast someone who isn't even on this list, but let's take a second to imagine what a new Bourne film might be like with the three most interesting choices from the list.


1. Paul Dano

Initial reaction: Wait, what? The guy who has played the nerdy, socially awkward, kind of sweet guy in every other semi-indie movie of the last three years (plus Knight and Day)? Is this new Bourne movie about being afraid to talk to girls? I don't care if the girls work for a government assassin organization, I'm not watching it! But then I reconsidered my opinion about the affable Dano. True, his roles lately haven't shown much in the way of versatility, but remember his electrifying performance in There Will be Blood? Did anyone see that coming? I'm intrigued by the idea that he has another surprise up his sleeve. I would also like to see the internet's reaction to casting Dano in the new Bourne movie.


2. Michael Pitt

Yes, he's a rising star with boyish good-looks and a nice pedigree behind him, so on one hand, he seems like the opposite of an intriguing choice. But at the same time, I swear there is something dark lurking in Pitt's eyes, to where he's never going to be able to pull off a total hero. Maybe I only think this because I actually watched the Funny Games remake, but I still say if Pitt gets cast, then this new character but have some seriously unsettling demons to work through.


3. Joel Edgerton

Here at Movieline HQ, we are rooting for all of the actors in Animal Kingdom. Edgerton did a great work holding his own as Barry in the film, and this could be a perfect vehicle for him to branch out...though, ideally Ben Mendelsohn should play the villain. Could we make that happen regardless?

The other candidates on the grain-of-salt shortlist include: Josh Hartnett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Alex Pettyfer, Taylor Kitsch and Benjamin Walker. Chime in with your own thoughts.



  • Alex says:

    Would like to see Hartnett get the role, he doesn't do enough mainstream work. Wouldn't be that miffed if Fassbender nabs it though. Any of them will be okay except Alex Pettyfer and Taylor Kitsch. I'd hate a Bourne movie with fucking Stormbreaker

  • The Winchester says:

    Would prefer Edgerton over all. That guy owns.
    In fact, I wish Lucas would go back in and swap him into Hayden Christensen's place in the prequels.

  • blizzard bound says:

    re Paul Dano, he blew me away in L.I.E. -- comparing that performance with Little Miss Sunshine, I suspect he can do ANYTHING!

  • Tommy Marx says:

    Of all the names offered, I think I'd be most interested in Josh Hartnett. In the movies I've seen him in, he's always had a charisma and an intriguing power that I like. I think he could do an amazing job as Bourne.

  • Brian Clark says:

    Good call!