Movieline's Week in Review: Strangeways, Here We Come

What was up with everybody this week? The moon was in Oscar and Mars was in Sheen, but that still didn't account for the crazy disclosures, discoveries and declamations that made their ways through Movieline HQ in recent days. Let's have a look back at the madness, all the while hoping redoubtable weekend editor Dixon Gaines can shake it out of here once and for all with his bold prose stylings. And of course the rest of the crew will be dropping by this weekend as well for a little hot awards action, click here to learn more. And have a great weekend!

· The 3-D gods promised us The Great Gatsby and Birdemic 2. I think you know which one we prefer.

· From the Complete Oscar Index to second-by-second Supporting Actress predictions, no one went deeper on the Oscars than we did.

· And from awards-season playoff scenarios to acceptance-speech potential, no one theorized more about the Oscars, either.

· Celebrity Oscar predictions poured in from the likes of Kathy Griffin, Kyle Killen, Paul Feig, Tila Tequila, Guy Branum, Alexa Vega, Kyle Bornheimer and Tony Reali.

· Thanks also to this week's illustrious interviewees, including The Farrelly Brothers, Miguel Arteta, Dan Fogler, Jon Chu, and Verge designee Taylor Handley.

· We reflected on Titanic and Sweet Smell of Success, both very good movies just one gay porn set shy of being classics.

· Rachel Berry or Charlie Sheen: Who was the bigger train wreck?

· Hard lessons were learned on Lifetime and among Firefly fans.

· We traced the evolution of a madman named Nicolas Cage.

· And finally, while winning an EGOT is nice, winning the In Memoriam Oscar montage pool is even nicer. Good luck!


  • The Winchester says:

    Technically, Sheen was in Mars. You know, if Mars is the name of a porn star on a mountain of coke.