Here's the Greatest Oscar Speech of All Time; Bring a Hanky

· We've revisited three fabulous Oscar moments starring Shirley MacLaine, F. Murray Abraham, and Russell Crowe, but our choice for the greatest Oscar speech ever isn't by an actor or actress. It's by author/humanitarian/Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, whose life was the focus of the Oscar-winning documentary One Survivor Remembers. It is heart-stopping, and the orchestra almost drowns her out. Watch and love. (Click through for more of The Last Word.)

· Whatever Harvey wants, Harvey gets: The King's Speech has been awarded with a PG-13 rating, after the torrent of swear words were "muted" out. [LAT/Awards Tracker]

· I love you too, John Stamos, but even you can't make me bear the thought of "replacing" Charlie Sheen yet. [THR]

· Movieline gal Kathy Griffin and Old Spice icon Isaiah Mustafa are dating. [Us Magazine]

· And now, a collage of Oscar winners in bikinis. Just like Gerda Weissmann Klein wanted. [RadarOnline]

· Lastly, let's send Kelsey Grammer wedding salutations and his new bride Andy Cohen's phone number. [TMZ]


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