VIDEO: Latest Oscar Promo Turns Anne Hathaway Into a 'Rump Shaker'

James Franco and Anne Hathaway (and the ABC promo department) have done well in creating a sense of guarded optimism about the job the pair will do hosting the Oscars on Sunday night. Which is why you should think twice before watching the latest promo for the show. No, it's not romantic and beautiful, like the 19 seconds of the Grease parody that James Franco sent out to Twitter on Wednesday; it's awkward and cringe-worthy. Unless the idea of seeing Anne Hathaway-as-Madonna-as-Evita singing "Rump Shaker" is your idea of a party. Then, watch away! Popping and locking at your desk is optional.

I'm hiding my eyes right now. You should be doing the same.

[via THR]


  • Old No.7 says:

    Everybody say heyyyyyyyyyyy, we want some newwwwww hosts!

  • kudos says:

    Does Anne not realize that all these promos are just horrible and quite lame. I doubt these Oscars will have that great of ratings.

  • I'd have to agree with Poot. I'm not even that big an Anne Hathaway fan, and I thought that promo was cute. With the possible exception of the last 10-or-so seconds, it was even funny. She's no comedian, but her looks, apparent sincerity, and likable personality carry her through the bits. She'll do.