Today's Oscar Speech Classic: Russell Crowe's Surprising Humility

· Ah, great ol' Oscar speeches -- my lifeblood. In continuation of our "Oscar Podium Classics" posts this week, I bring you this clip from 2001, in which Russell Crowe wins a statue for Gladiator and reflects on the childhood dreams that led him to success. It's sentimental, but not cloying. Perfect. [YouTube]

· Glorious: 50 ads starring Oscar winners. [AdWeek]

· Jay Leno (nicely) put Howard Stern in his place. Honestly? Jay seems like a nice guy. You know it. I know it. [Mediaite]

· Sharon Stone won a restraining order against a man who broke into her house, claimed Hillary Clinton bought him the place, and says he wrote The King's Speech. [AP]

· Finally, in "James Franco is just like you and me" news, here he is sleeping with cats. [Vulture]


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