Take Me Home Tonight's Dan Fogler on Drugs, Dance-Offs and Sex with Supermodels

FoglerTakeMeHomeTonight500.jpgIf you ever fantasized about stealing a car without consequences, having a threesome with a supermodel, or competing in a coked-up dance-off in an 80s movie, talk to Dan Fogler. The Brooklyn-born Tony winner gets to do all of those things and land the best lines in next week's 80's movie extravaganza Take Me Home Tonight starring Topher Grace and Anna Faris.

In the film, Topher Grace stars as an aimless college grad who reunites with his high school crush at an epic '80s party while his best friend, played by Fogler, steals convertibles, snorts drugs and sexes up Angie Everhart. After viewing the film earlier this month, Movieline sat down with actor/playwright/scene-stealer to discuss his wildest role to date.

Of all the stunts your character pulled in Take Me Home Tonight, which were you most excited to film?

Stealing the car, definitely. I'm from New York so I'm not a big driver. I had to learn a little stunt driving. We didn't really have the budget to crash a car and I came so close to crashing that convertible. I think the shot we used -- Anna Faris was in one car and I backed up really fast and came about an inch away from the car she was driving. I looked up and the producers all had their faces covered.

So you got an adrenaline rush from the fake car heist?


Your character is so hilariously over-the-top in every scene. Did you model him after anyone?

I loved the idea that he could be like Bruce Willis in Blind Date -- where he starts off together and by the end of the movie he's like popping somebody and a complete mess. It was a great arc to play.

My favorite scene was the dance-off because your character and your dance-off competitor were so ridiculously paired, skill-wise. No offense.

Well I taught him everything he knows. So that is really just a testament to my ability to make him look good.

Did you have any choreography for that scene?

I planned out a whole routine and I did it on the first take. The director was just in shock and said, "That was kind of good man. You have to make it look like you can't dance though."


You don't believe me? You think I'm that bad of a dancer?

You were really convincing.

No, that was all done in post. They edited me to look like a total spaz.

Since you're such a gifted dancer, do you have a few trademark moves?

Hell yeah! I hope they dig up all of the outtakes where I am just kicking ass on the dance floor.

Let's talk about the threesome scene. First off, do you have a significant other and were they bothered by the fact that you were going to be so intimate with a topless Angie Everhart?

I have a wife, but she thinks it is hysterical. It was kind of hard for her to watch the scene at first but she realized that everyone in that scene was a complete character. So there was no weird jealousy. She knew nothing happened beyond those ridiculous scenes.

What could happen with that leather-clad Austrian guy rounding out your threesome?

It was very uncomfortable. Of course, it was wonderful being in the room with someone as delightful as Angie. But once the man in the leather outfit enters -- things got weird.

What is that actor's name?

Clement von Franckenstein...okay? That name alone will make you feel a little weird about that. He was in the original Young Frankenstein. I think he was the prison guard who taunts the creature with fire. He was weird in real life.

Did you get a chance to improv at all?

Yeah, about 50 percent of it as improv I'd say.

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